Employee Safety Perception Survey

The DuPont Online Safety Perception Survey™

Explore, analyze and better understand your organization’s safety culture with the new DuPont Online Safety Perception Survey™. This new survey provides organizations with leading indicators to help identify areas of concern and prevent incidents before they occur. With this new solution, you can instantly compare your results to industry benchmarks, allowing you to quickly develop insights and to apply predictive analytics for future performance improvements.

This self-service survey allows you to see the real story of how your employees feel about safety on the job. Safety perception surveys are a proven and effective tool to discover the “safety conscience” within your organization. The DuPont Online Safety Perception Survey™ is designed to probe and uncover organizational safety culture performance issues that might otherwise go unnoticed and adversely affect your organization’s safety performance. This enables you to proactively address issues before they lead to an incident.

A Tool to Catalyze Your Safety Culture

Building on the success of our traditional DuPont Safety Perception Survey, which has collected over 2 million responses across dozens of industries, we’ve developed this new online survey to meet the needs of organizations to continuously measure safety culture as a leading indicator of safety performance in an easy, proactive way.

Involving every level of your organization, the DuPont Online Safety Perception Survey™ gives your organization an objective, data-driven process for understanding how your safety culture changes over time.

Clients can configure the survey themselves and customize demographic questions to fit their organization. Easy-to-use reports instantly show results compared to industry benchmarks, allowing organizations to quickly develop insights. The results will also show how aligned the organization is in their responses to each question. Finally, the results are plotted on the DuPont Bradley Curve™ to provide a more strategic perspective of safety culture.

Periodic use of the DuPont Online Safety Perception Survey™ gives our clients an effective process for assessing, benchmarking and catalyzing safety culture improvement at every stage of their journey to world-class safety. DuPont Sustainable Solutions has worked with clients in 10,000 locations, in 47 countries, to help assess their safety culture and measure employee perception.

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