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Employee Learning & Development Solutions from DuPont

For more than three decades, award-winning Learning & Development experts have customized our innovative, effective and affordable blended learning solutions to help organizations of all industries and sizes meet their unique training objectives.

DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) is one of the world's leading publishers of employee training and development programs.To date, our experts have helped more than 190,000 corporate training professionals in 129 countries to implement our cutting-edge programs. We’ve helped their employees strengthen crucial competencies, boost productivity, improve efficiency, increase profitability, and save lives. 

DuPont training solutions integrate award-winning learning technologies and engaging content to give employees a comprehensive and effective learning experience. Whether your organization seeks compelling content for a classroom session, or you wish to deploy a self-paced learning solution, DSS experts in employee training and development can help. Our solutions make it easy to develop new workforce skills, reinforce desired behaviors, and sustain the transfer of knowledge. Our proven techniques yield immediate and long-term results, enhancing health and safety, and improving morale, recruiting, compliance, and environmental and workforce performance — to make your company more competitive.

Comprehensive Training Topics
Put our thorough, practical, real-world experience to work for your organization. Our extensive library of 2000+ employee training and development products covers six key content areas:

Safety and Environmental Training
We can help reduce incidents, injuries and illnesses in your organization by increasing safety awareness and safe behaviors. Our training courses help transform your work culture and cover key OSHA compliance issues, to help keep your employees on their feet — and your business moving forward.

Human Resources Training
A respectful, ethical workplace boosts morale, productivity and competitive advantage. Our human resources training curriculum is designed to help organizations improve competencies, create a culture of respect and diversity, and comply with employment regulations. Choose from a library of courses that help build basic skills such as communication and teamwork, and develop supervisor-focused competencies such as interviewing and motivation.

Maintenance and Reliability Training
Quality, efficiency and safety all depend on a solid Maintenance and Reliability (M&R) program. Whether you have a fully developed program in place or you want to create a world-class M&R culture from the ground up, we can help you reach your goals. Our consultants, engineers and instructional designers can support and design your M&R program with solutions that will help you build and maintain capability, meet process safety management requirements and take on the challenges of the changing workforce.  Our comprehensive online learning curriculum includes more than 350 courses covering: general maintenance, process operations, machine technology, mechanical maintenance, electrical maintenance, predictive maintenance, and instrumentation and control.

Healthcare Training
To help you protect your employees and patients, while providing quality care, our compelling training covers healthcare mandates, including HIPAA compliance, Joint Commission requirements, and CDC and OSHA standards. We can help you ensure a safe, healthy and knowledgeable workforce.

DuPont Experience and Reliability
As a Fortune 100 company, DuPont and our Learning & Development experts offer our clients stability, resources, and innovative solutions, leading to sustainable gains and long-term relationships. Consider our employee training and development accomplishments:

  • Thirty years of workplace training innovation
  • Backed by DuPont’s 200 years of real-world experience — currently operating at 210 locations in 90 countries
  • Recognized as one of the world’s safest and most ethical* companies
  • Content is reviewed by subject matter experts to help ensure compliance with health, safety, environmental, ethical, and operational standards
  • Courseware incorporates sound instructional design to facilitate the transfer of knowledge

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